100 Days of Art Challenge

Starting today,  April  2, 2017 I will be challenging myself to create or work on a piece of “art” every day for the next one hundred days.  I’ll be updating this page with the latest entry so check back regularly.

That said, in order to hold myself to a set standard and so I can be held accountable by all of you lovely people along for the ride, here are the rules for the challenge:

  1. While the definition of “art” is up for interpretation, for the sake of this challenge it’ll be defined as writing five hundred words, editing five pages of previously written material, or painting a miniature.
  2. All pieces must be recorded/ published on this page the day they are created, with a 24 hour grace period in the event of late night creativity. 
  3. Failure to post/publish a new piece of art after said 24 hour grace period will result in a public “punishment”, the results of which must be posted to this page by the end of the 100 days.
  4. All punishments will be determined via public and democratic process on the book of faces but must be approved by V.S.D. Serious bodily harm/illegal activities will be rejected outright. (This is meant to be funny, not mean- spirited. An example of an acceptable form of punishment would be filming myself eat something gross or excessively spicy. Or recording myself singing a stupid song) (VSD believed these aspects of the challenge to be detrimental to the actual process of creating and declared these rules null and void)
  5. Extenuating circumstances, like travel and emergencies, exempt me from posts /punishment, but the work has to be made up within one week of the 100 day mark. (7/11/17)
  6. In the case of miniature painting, a before and after shot must be included.
  7. In the case of editing, no proof of work has to be posted.  A message explaining what piece was being polished will suffice, but a final or current draft must be produced at the end of the 100 days.
  8. Any and all of these rules may be changed at the insistence of V.S.D.


Day 1: Let’s start this off with some more of the same…FANTASY! This is a freshly rewritten chunk of The Songster’s Tale.  It picks up directly after the events of Amicus Curiae and leads us into the next adventure. It’s short, and there’s lots more, but all of it is still unpolished.  As far as full disclosure goes, this story originally started as a co-writing project with my twin sister who ultimately decided that she liked reading what I wrote more than writing her next part 😛

Day 2: For those of you wondering what Fenix has been up to. Suffice to say that he’s still coping with some of the ish that’s happened to him. I added about 860 words to this sequence, namely the first bit with Julie. The short bar scene was already in my pocket and I wanted to share it.

Day 3: By request, I added a bit more from The Songster’s Tale. I’m going to try and finish this story over the course of the challenge. It’s been sitting on the shelf for over a year and a half now, and it deserves an ending.

Day 4: A change of pace as I focused on some miniature commissions today. Specifically the goblin/orc army. Not the most challenging, but a lot of a simple task can be kind of daunting.

Day 5: I was going to upload more from The Songster’s Tale today, but I’m not a fan of what I currently have written up for it. Thus, today was an editing day. More goodness tomorrow. (hopefully)

Day 6: Spent some time trying my hand at painting a fiery effect. I’m fairly satisfied with it, but I feel like I haven’t fully grasped the concept just yet.

Day 7: More from Fenix. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up this kind of momentum, in regards to just how much writing I’m posting, but as long as I make 500 words, I’m ok with it. Just a heads up though, future posts might get shorter.

Day 8: A little late, but I posted. It’s fairly raw and fairly personal. Don’t have much to say about it other than that.

Day 9: More from the Songster’s Tale

Day 10: Painted up a pair of test models. I intentionally waited until the day before I’m supposed to deliver them as a testament to what I can get done in a few hours.

Days 11/12: Decided to lump these two together as it’s a heavy drop. Finally revealing what the big threat in the series is.

Days 13-18: I abstained from posting and meticulously cataloging what I was working on during this time because I wanted to focus on the work. In a nutshell, I was commissioned to paint a full Blood Bowl team, and I challenged myself to have it finished within the week. I failed.

Day 19: Introducing my new character, Meetra Surik. And if you recognize the name, high-five fellow nerd!

An account of the next 40 Days.

The Last 40 ish Days

I made it. But just barely. Thanks for all of the support, I’m gonna go take a nap.



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